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Golden Formula and Scientific Production
Golden Formula and Scientific Production

Nourishing, Strengthening, and Adjusting Physical Condition

Using the Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence and imperial Tortoise Shell & Deer Antler as a base

No harmful substances detected

Low sodium/Zero sugar, free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

Scientific processing with ensuring safety and quality

Derived from a GMP-certified

Precious traditional Chinese herbal ingredients combined with modern biotechnology formulation.


omplete formula, essential supplementation

Imperial Tortoise Shell & Deer Antler

Imperial Tortoise Shell & Deer Antler Guaranteed from GMP-certified pharmaceutical factory

Royal-Grade Dietary Nourishment

Derived from a GMP-certified professional pharmaceutical factory with scientific processing, and SGS-inspected for safety and reliability.

Carefully brewed using ancient methods

Strictly selected and curated with precious traditional Chinese herbal ingredients, offering gentle dietary supplementation.

Precious nourishing ingredients

Elaborately brewed, requiring eight days and seven nights of precise fire control, followed by several days of cooling and solidification before cutting into pieces.

Salmon extract

Patented and certified in Japan, the United States, and Russia.

Shark cartilage powder

Sourced from non-endangered shark species in the United States.


N-acetyl-D-glucosamine Derived from nature, safeguarding health.

Glucosamine derived from Japanese YSK patent.

Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence with Golden Award

Selecting premium fish sources from the deeded fishing ground.

The origin is the starting point. We conduct on-site visits to fish farms to verify if the breeding environment is ideal. Carefully selected premium traceable barramundi, ensuring layers of quality control for your safe to eat.

The scientific golden ratio and every drop is precious essence.

Deeded fishing ground

Deeded fishing ground Barramundi

Complete Nutrition

18 Amino Acids (9 Essential Amino Acids) Small Molecular Size for Easy Absorption

Strict Monitoring

Third-party Certified Testing for Safety Assurance

CAS from Japan

Maintaining Optimal Freshness of Barramundi

Industry-Academia Collaboration

36 formulation experiments, extracting the optimal nutritional ratio

Healthy with Zero Burden

Passed inspection
Antibiotics qualified /No Animal drugs qualified No pesticide residues qualified /No preservatives qualified No plasticizers qualified /No artificial flavorings

Certified Safe, Thoroughly Inspected.

Suitable user groups

Who is suitable to consume Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence-Imperial Tortoise Shell & Deer Antler?

Elderly Adults

Menopausal women

Sedentary and standing person

High-intensity athletes

Hikers and mountaineers

Manual laborers