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Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence

Professional Quality, Trusted value.

It has been awarded the golden prize of Monde Selection for six years. Monde Selection It has been honored with its first golden award.
  • Santé Premium Silver Perch Essencet has been awarded the golden prize of Monde Selection.
  • Presented by an international product quality assessment organization with over 50 years of history.
  • Achieved through rigorous inspections by international experts according to high standards.

The scientific golden ratio, every drop is a rare essence.

Deeded fishing ground

Deeded fishing ground Barramundi

Complete Nutrition

18 Amino Acids (9 Essential Amino Acids) Small Molecular Size for Easy Absorption

Strict Monitoring

Third-party Certified Testing for Safety Assurance

CAS from Japan

Maintaining Optimal Freshness of Barramundi

Industry-Academia Collaboration

36 formulation experiments, extracting the optimal nutritional ratio

Healthy with Zero Burden

Passed inspection
Antibiotics/ Veterinary drugs/ Pesticide residues/ Preservatives/ Plasticizers/ Flavor enhancers

Integrated production and marketing|Strict manufacturing process

Selecting premium fish sources from the deeded fishing ground

The origin is the starting point. We conduct on-site visits to fish farms to verify if the breeding environment is ideal. Carefully selected premium traceable barramundi, ensuring layers of quality control for your safe to eat.

Anyo Preserve the Freshness of the Ingredients Completely.

Not only do we select premium fish, but we also emphasize the preservation before producing fish essence. We are the first to adopt rapid freezing technology using Cells Alive System, ensuring that after barramundi is frozen, its cells remain intact, preserving the freshness of the fish meat completely.
We employ an exclusive Japanese high-tech 'Cells Alive System' to keep a detailed record of the catch. The fish meat is preserved using this technology, ensuring that the ice crystals do not exert pressure, and the cell's water content is retained.This process prevents damage to the cellular tissue of the ingredients, resulting in the complete preservation of freshness and nutritional value.

We pick the finest fish and every drop is the essence.

We use constant temperature and high pressure to extract the essence from the fish head, body, and bones in separate zones. With a focus on providing the nutrients essential for the human body, we dedicate ourselves to crafting the ultimate golden value.

Santé Premium-Silver Perch Essence

Small-molecule amino acids for rapid nutrition absorption.

Small-molecule amino acids for rapid nutrition absorption.

The Difference Between Traditional and Scientific Methods.

The human body primarily consists of 20 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids. Among them, leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which possess a branched structure, are commonly referred to as ‘Branched-Chain Amino Acids’ (BCAA).

Abundant Nutrition, Tender Care.

Santé Premium Silver Perch Essence is suitable for the whole family.

Office Workers

Maintaining Health Enhancing Physical Strength

Elderly Adults

Protein Supplement for Health and Wellness Protein Supplement for Health and Wellness

Pregnant Women's Nutrition

Comprehensive Body Conditioning throughout Pregnancy

Supplementing Nutrition

Small-Molecule Amino Acids to Support Nourishment and Strengthening

Growing Children

School-Age Children Nutritional Supplementation


Enthusiastic about exercise Boosting Energy with BCAA Supplementation

Certified Safe, Thoroughly Inspected.